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Visual Kei UK

Out of the dark night....

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Visual Kei UK


Welcome to Visual Kei UK, which hopes to become the leading force in the British visual kei scene! I created this community as I noticed that there was very little recognition of the fandom in this country. Other places have tried and not gotten very far! I hope this place will be different, we have big plans, real big plans, this LJ is just the starting point, just you wait and see! ^_^ Give it a chance, it might start off slow, but once we really get going, I hope we're busy, active and have plenty of members!
I will continually change and improve the image, this bio and various other things, if you have a suggestion, post it to the journal! All in good time my friends, all in good time!

Click here to join us

For now, this will be the home to for Jrock lovers who get a raw deal, those living in Britain that have never seen a live gig, find it hard to buy such expensive CD's and have a tough time being a fan! I aim to bring everyone in the UK together some way or another, a place to go for info, news and to meet other like minded people!
We still welcome members from abroad, just because it's UK based and themed, the more the merrier, it's always nice to have more people to talk to!

So come, join, post, interact, support the Visual Kei scene in the UK, whether you LIVE IN THE UK OR NOT, lets get the fans together!

We whole-heartedly support -

Special Credit to pyjama_llama for helping me with banners and the LJ layout! ^^


Some rules (I know people don't like rules much, so I will add an image of Hyde to help) -
* Please keep swearing to a minimum.
* Images behind an LJ cut please.
* No flaming.
* No acting like tards or blatant trolling.

* Warnings please if it's not safe for younger viewers or at work/school (like they'd really care, especially if it was nude Gackt).
* Mp3s and media are posted at your own risk, we'll not hold responsibility for anything that happens because you're hosting an mp3! :P
* You may post anything J-music related, but try to keep it in context (i.e J-rock, EGL, Visual Kei).
* If you are going to post a meme, make sure it's a Jrock meme please, if you are going to do one someone has posted, please post the results as a comment reply to the original.


For those who don't know what Visual Kei is, heres a good example -

That is the Japanese rock band, 12012. Visual Kei is all about the style. This includes make up, costumes, accessories and behaviour. This might not necessarily reflect the type of music they make, but generally people dressed in such manner will be rock, metal or punk in genre.

So there you go! Enjoy!

Darkest Wishes,
Latty xx
+d'espairs ray+, 12012, acid android, acidman, aioria, aliene ma'riage, alu:cana, amadeus, amaterase, aucifer, aushvitz, baiser, balzac, baroque, blood, boris, buck tick, coaltar of the deepers, creeps, d, d[di:], deadman, devil kitty, dir en grey, due le quartz, duel jewel, earl grey, elegant gothic aristocrat, elegant gothic lolita, elldorado, ellegarden, eroguro, eve of destiny, fairy fore, fake?, fatima, gackt, gargoyle, gazette, glay, gothic, guitar wolf, gullet, gun dog, guniw tools, hakuei, hell child, hide, hideki, hiskarea, hyde, ino head park, inugami circus-dan, isola, j, j-indie, janne da arc, japan, japanese rock, jpn, jrock, kagerou, kagrra, kana, kannivalism, kisaki project, klack, klaha, kokeshi doll, kozi, kra, l'arc en ciel, la'cryma christi, lab., laputa, lareine, lasadies, loopash, luna sea, machine, madeth gray'll, malice mizer, mana, matina, melt banana, merry, metronome, midinette, mika bomb, milphinne, miyavi, moi dix mois, mucc, new breed, new sodmy, nightmare, noi'x, noir fleurir, oblivion dust, olivia lufkin, onmyo-za, oo telesa, penicillin, pierrot, plastic tree, polysics, psycho le cemu, raphael, rentrer en soi, rudolf steiner, sads, sadus shadow, schwardix marvelly, schwarz stein, schwein, scissor, sex machine guns, sex machineguns, sharan q, shulla, silver ash, soap, style, tetsu69, the back horn, the boredoms, the flare, the piass, transtic nerve, undercode, united kingdom, vasara, velvet eden, vidoll, violet narcissus, virus, visual, visual kei, x japan, zephyr