Doromafin (doromafin) wrote in visualkeiuk,

Jrock sale

Hello all, I’m having a bit of Jrock sale, prices are negotiable, please take a look! :)


Shoxx Vol 134 2004, Psycho le cemu, Plastic Tree, Fanatic Crisis, Miyavi, Nightmare. Comes with a Psycho le cemu poster. £7

Zy Mega edition #1, Plastic Tree, Mucc, Psycho le cemu. Comes with a poster calendar. £10

A couple of the pages have started to come loose, other than that its in good condition.

Arena Index 2004, Gackt, Psycho le cemu, Miyavi, 3B LAB. £10


Mucc- Shion Limited edition SIGNED, £25

Dir en grey- Decade, £16

Plastic Tree- Gestaltzerfall, Plus a free Sink single which is cracked but still works. £12

Miyavi- This iz the Japanese Kabuki rock. £12

Miyavi- Subarashikikana Konosekai/What a wonderful world, single. £7

Miyavi feat Sugizo- Hi no hikari sae todokanai basho de, single. £7

Miyavi- Neo Vizualizm. £12

Psycho le cemu- Frontiers, Limited edition with Seek figure. £20

Bo – Peep- 0x3 and Time of rock, SINGED. £12


Psycho le cemu- Magical box, Limited edition, RARE. Box comes with Magical towel, makeup bag, post card set, Magical pen, figures and DVD of PV’s and bonus material. £60 or best offer.

Shipping comes from the UK, I can ship worldwide. Shipping fees and paypal fees not included.

Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have :)

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